Here at we’ve always been fans of Urge as they tend to deliver on what we consider 2 of the most important expectations of a manufacturer. Performance and consistency.

We reviewed the original Archi-Enduro last year and found that it was comfortable, light weight and reasonably priced. Designed specifically for Enduro and with the help of their team riders the helmet has been hugely successful in the discipline. The only area which we thought could be improved was the ventilation as although acceptable for an enduro helmet, areas of your head (more the rear) seemed to get missed out.

So how does the Archi-Enduro RR stack up to its predecessor?

Archi Enduro RR
Siblings, side by side.

You can see an immediate difference with the Archi-Enduro RR yet it still seems very familiar. Initial impression is that Urge have not tried to reinvent the wheel but rather to improve on what is already a very successful design. The outer shell is a combination of glass fiber and linen fiber which as we understand is great for spreading shock in the event of things going pear-shaped. Urge have maintained the wide open face with the RR as you have a much better field of view than traditional full face designs.

As usual Urge have done a great job on the visual front. I’m all for a minimalist design.

I also found that the “mouth piece” of the chin guard was better positioned and sized for me. I appreciate that this is subject but I found it made it better for slurping on a drink on the go while still offering projection and maintaining airflow.

The internals have gone through some updates as well. There are noticeable changes to the padding which offers more coverage internally but if I’m honest I wouldn’t say has made much, if any, difference in terms of comfort. The chinstrap has also been updated with a new “Micrometric” buckle which allows for some minor adjustments once the strap lengths are already set. This is actually a big improvement. When you fit your helmet you are likely running at normal temperature. As your body gets hotter you actually swell a bit which means the helmet should feel tighter than when originally fitted. This clasp enables you to make a quick adjustment on the fly rather than having to mess with straps which can be a pain with the helmet or gloves on.

Archi Enduro RR

The biggest change has to be the change in the ventilation. Similar vent locations as before but much wider plus Urge have included scooped vents on the top and sides of the helmet which direct airflow to the rear. This makes a very big difference compared to the previous version. I found that the ventilation was spot on!

Archi Enduro RR
Wider vents and vent scoops have taken the Archi-Enduro to another level.

The Archi Enduro RR has gone up by 170g (990g) in weight from the original 820g which is expected with all this new airflow routing and padding although does bring the weight pretty much in line with everyone else out there. I wouldn’t say this weight change was physically noticeable though.

The RR retails for €299 / $299, which is around 8% more expensive than the previous version which will likely put this helmet out of reach for most riders. The recently announced RR+ plus even more so as retails for €399 / $399 but has built/clip on goggles included. This is however right up your street if you’re an Enduro Fanboy/competitor through as the benefits really ring true in the discipline.


  1. In addition to the review.

    Urge recently announced the RR+ which is essentially the RR with goggles that mount to the helmet. search in the news section and you’ll find it.

    the RR does take these goggles which will be available to buy separately. When these will be available and the price are to be confirmed but you can expect it to be well after the release of the RR+