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Christmas is hands down the best time of the year. But when it come to buying a gift for a mountain biker, well that’s can be tricky, especially if you’re not a mountain biker yourself.

In no particular order, here is our Top 10 gift list for mountain bikers

A Multi-Tool

Crank Brothers Multi-Tool
Crank Brothers M17

These can retail for anything from £10 to £50 but you don’t need to go to big on this. Realistically you’re looking at around £25 for a good multi-tool with all the bits a biker needs when things go wrong on the trail.

This is the Crank Brothers M17. A well respected brand and sells for £27 typically although this time of the year you can grab it for about £22.

Riding Shorts

Race Face Shorts
Race Face stage Shorts

A new pair of riding shorts are always a welcomed gift. As you can imagine, shorts take a hammering from the trails and weather. The same goes for shirts and gloves but we’ll just focus on short for now. A good pair of shorts typically costs between £50 and £100 depending on the quality or brand. Race Face are a good brand to look at, the “Stage Shorts” are a good all-rounder.


Lezyne Mini GPS Navigate
Lezyne Mini GPS Navigate

Everyone these days is a Strava hero in one way or another. Either trying to beat their best time or just trying to find new trails. A GPS system is a great way to do that without having use your phone. Lezyne are one of the more popular brands so would start there. If your other half is big into their fitness and tracking heart rates etc then they would be more inclined to use the Lezyne Super Navigate GPS(£129), if they just like to get out and ride then the Lezyne Mini GPS Navigate (£94) is perfect.

A sports camera

GoPro Hero 6 Black
GoPro Hero 6 Black

Creating video footage of your rides isn’t for everyone especially if you’re not tech savvy. But if they are and you’re feeling particularly generous this year then this is perfect. GoPro are the leaders when it comes to sports cameras. Typically the GoPro Hero Black retails at £471 (ish) but you can grab them for £346 in some sales. There are cheaper alternatives around but I wouldn’t, they’ll only wish they had a GoPro.

A Tool Set

Park Tool AK2 - Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit
Park Tool AK2 – Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

More of us are becoming quite independent when it comes to bike maintenance. With online tutorials available for pretty much everything we’re more inclined to just DIY. However, without the right tools this job not only becomes more difficult, you’re also more likely to do more damage. Park Tools has one of the best ranges of tool sets to suit most budgets and DIY levels but the Advanced kit has everything a biker would need.

Well, that’s the end of our top 5. There are plenty of gifts you can get your MTB other half but always keep in mind that mountain bikers can be pretty picky about their gear and bike. Its always worth checking with one of their riding buddies on what they could do with.