In the UK we’re not overly blessed with a lot of heat and sunshine. In fact, the majority of the year is spent in the wet. As you can imagine this causes a bit of a challenge for us mountain bikers who transport bikes inside our cars. Muddy bike = muddy car.

Over the years we’ve made do with some solutions like weed sprayers or travel compressors but one is as effective as spitting water yourself and the other is a bit of a pain in the ass and not actually that portable.

Released earlier this year, RinseKit finally seemed to have the solution for us, a portable pressurized washer which you can literally fill up in seconds and take on the road with you ready to wash off the dirt.

Good size to rest the bike on for washing off. Small gap in the lid means you close it with the hose out.

What looks like a cooler box, the RinseKit contains a small pressurized tank, hose and shower head. To fill it up you simply remove the shower head, attach to the tap and fill. Because its air tight, the process builds the pressure inside the tank as it fills. Once filled, you simply close a small valve on the hose to hold the pressure until its needed.

Nice, neat, self contained unit.

The 2-gallon cylinder can be pressurized up to 80psi which translates to about 3 minutes of continuous flow. Sure, with a compressor or hand pump solution you don’t have this time limitation but the difference is that you have the portability of a the one with the power of the other.

Sounds good right? Well, don’t go out and buy one just yet.

Inside the rinse kit there is a valve/cap which you remove every so often to fully empty the tank. I removed mine and immediately the rubber seal became damaged which resulted in it not being able to hold pressure for very long. Instinctively you would just tighten up more right? Wrong, I tightened up the valve again with a little more force and low and behold the cap threaded right off. So now completely f**ked. And that’s where the story ends.

Won’t lie, I was absolutely gutted. What is actually a great design and solution was let down by such a stupid quality issue. It’s not just me by the way, I’ve seen a few social posts sharing similar experiences. I’m not an engineer but this should be a simple fix for them. Just replace the valve/cap & seal with something of better quality.

The RinseKit is now available in the UK retailing for £85 ($90 USD) a price I would be happy to pay for a solution that works.

*NOTE – I was sent this RinseKit pre-launch in the UK so this may have been fixed already but I’ve seen no news or social suggesting that is the case.