When it comes to components, Funn have been in the game for over 17 years and are no strangers to manufacturing quality titanium and carbon kit. We took a look at their Solo Narrow Wide Chain Ring which fits cranks with 104mm BCD and ranges from 30 to 36T. Here are our thoughts.

After a fairly lengthy ride across mixed terrain I found that the chain stayed put, as designed, without the need of a chain guide. So it does what it says on the tin. As with narrow wide rings, you get a bit more noise but nothing which I found louder than expected in fact its pretty difficult to differentiate them so we’re taking a look mainly at cost, weight and wear.

Funn Components – Solo Narrow Wide Chain Ring

Starting as low as 40g with the 30T ring, it’s at a competitive weight. After some quick investigations on Chain Reaction Cycles, the lightest 30t chain ring I found was at 41g with most averaging out at around 42g/43g. You may not care that much about a couple grams but if you’re a weight saver then this is a valued advantage. I tested the 32t chain ring which weighed in at 44g on our scales.

Funn Components – Solo Narrow Wide Chain Ring

Funn Components – Solo Narrow Wide Chain Ring
Quick spray down after ride and no meaningful marks to report.

Funn also meet the quality and durability standard by using 7075 aluminum for their components. With an anodized coating its claimed that they are the most durable chain ring on the market. I don’t know about that but I can say that they didn’t wear as much as I was expecting. Usually you find the anodized coating disappears on the teeth after your first ride. Although this is expected, and nothing to be upset about I found that it lasted well. Time will tell on the longer term durability.

Retailing at around 51 Euro, which translates to around 60 USD / 40 GBP, the Solo narrow wide chain ring is exactly where it should be on price. It meets the industry standard but the weight, and in some cases the quality, slightly exceeds the price point.

As said in the beginning, its difficult to tell narrow wide chain rings apart as there is not much between them. Really what it comes down to is that it does what it says on the tin and it does it pretty well.


Model Base No. CH-15-SL
BCD 104mm
Material AL 7075
Finish Anodized
Size  30T, 32T, 34T, 36T
Weight 40g (30T)
Color Whisky, Wasabi, Black, Blue, Red, Orange
Looking for any excuse to hit the trails with my bike or the snow with my board.