Texas born, Orange Seal Cycling is relatively new to the industry but seems to be gathering a strong set of followers. Currently with only 3 products, Orange Seal Cycling started out with their tubeless sealant which we’ve had a chance to put to the test but also offers chain lube and bike cleaner.

It didn’t take along before I decided that I liked the company. Once you get past the eye catching branding you begin to realize that they have essentially just taken the bike hacks around sealants and productized them. Let me explain.

Getting your tubeless setup can be a pain in the ass. One of the tricks is to seat the tire first and then add the sealant through the valve with a hose. Orange Seal have added a screw on hose to their packaging to make this easier. For someone like me who uses this method, I actually appreciated the value of having it available. A simple addition but effective. BTW. I know others do this but Orange Seal do it better than the typical…”here, have some tube”.

Endurance Sealant w/inj System

Ever heard of the glitter trick? Sure you have. Adding glitter to your sealant makes it more effective at clogging up larger holes in the tyre. So that’s what Orange Seal did, they added glitter, I mean “Nanites”, to their sealant. The difference here is that these “Nanites” are varied in size so can be a bit more effective at closing different sized/shaped holes in the tyre.

Endurance Sealant w/inj System
Orange Seal on the left | Stans on the right

When poured side by side with Stans NoTubes sealant, not only can you see the “Nanites” in the Orange Seal sealant but there was a noticeable difference in the fluid density. Orange Seal claim that their sealant can seal up to a ¼” puncture. I’m not a fan of stabbing holes in tyres but we coincidentally had a similar sized puncture and it seemed to live up to the claim.

The potential negative is that the denser fluid with the additional “Nanites” makes for a slower moving liquid in the tyre. The claim from Stans on having a thinner sealant makes for improved coverage of the tyre wall and less impact on rolling speed. The reality is that the difference is so marginal that it not going to make a noticeable difference to regular humans like you and I.

There are 2 kinds of sealant. Regular and Endurance. The regular seals larger punctures/slices (6mm punctures and 19mm slices) but typically lasts between 30 – 45 days before it needs replacing/topping up. The endurance seals much smaller punctures and slices (3mm punctures and 12mm slices) but lasts between 60 and 120 days. You basically need to choose you priority / trade-off. Aggressive riders should go Regular, XC endurance.

Regular is £12.99 for an 8oz with injector and Endurance is £14.99 for the same size which comes in marginally more expensive than Stans but is expected as they won’t have the manufacturing (and thus pricing) power of Stans just yet. I’ve been using the Regular sealant for some time now and so far has done its jobs so thumbs up here. I’ll likely continue to use them not only because the product is good but also I’m a strong believer in supporting new business in the industry.