Ergons philosophy is to develop products that offer the best ergonomics for cyclists and they designed the GE1 specially for Enduro mountain biking where handlebars are wide, and gripped right at the end.

I have pretty large hands and used to get quite a bit of pain in my hands from standard grips. I was essentially over-gripping to stay on the handlebars. I found that Ergonomic grips helped with this but we’re not very well shaped to my hands.

The GE1 grips from Ergon are a subtler design which I found to suite my grip and shape of my palm a lot better than convention grips or other ergonomic grips I’ve used in the past.

Ergon GE1 Grips

The GE1 grips are made of a combination of soft and hard rubber which seemed to work well for me especially considering how much rain we’ve had in the UK over the past 3 weeks. My hands stayed glued and there was no doubt in my mind that they would be going anywhere else.

The grips have a single clamp to lock-on your handlebars. Although I didn’t get any impression that the grips would be twisting any time soon I think dual lock on wouldn’t have hurt. As grips get older they can begin to loosen up inside so.

I like the overall look of the grips as well. I think they look great on the bike and with a wide range of colours available you can keep to your bikes style.


Retailing at £27.99 / $35.99, they’re on par with most grips on the market.