DiscoBrakes floating rotors

The component marketplace has slowly become another retail brand fest where you pay for the logo, not the product. DiscoBrakes are a great example of a company that is simply delivering on the requirements riders are actually asking for. No bells and whistles, just products that do the job at an affordable price.

A side by side comparison of floating (& standard) rotors from the bigger brands shows how little there is telling them apart. They all show you how much better they perform and disperse heat but the reality is that folks like you and I are most certainly do not have the level of inner peace (and more importantly skill) to be able to notice.

DiscoBrakes floating rotors
Our weight – 126g floating | 175g standard

I’ve been using these rotors for a while now on the Starling Demo rig and they have performed consistently well under pressure. Retailing at only £25 (180mm) they are £15 – £20 cheaper than Hope and Shimano rotors, oh yeah and are also 15 grams lighter.

Its short and sweat but what else is there to say. If you’re looking for new rotors, then look no further.

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