Muc Off Sealant

Muc-off’s new ‘No Punctures’ tyre sealant is the newest addition to their long line of its bike cleaning and maintenance products.

Alex Trimnell (Muc-Off managing director ) said: “We have tested No Puncture under the most brutal conditions on the planet, with three years of deep R&D using a wide group of our pro athletes from around the world. The formula we finally created is a result of hundreds of hours of testing, the results of which have taken tyre sealant performance to a new level”

He went on to say, “The feedback we’ve had from our professional riders has been awesome. We are really excited to have created one formula which works to the highest performance in all tubeless tyres, from Pro Road Racing to World Cup Downhill and everything in between. Lastly, we really don’t like single-use plastics, so would encourage all to use our one-litre refill to fill up the pouches.”

Compatible with carbon dioxide tyre inflators, No Punctures Sealant also includes antifreeze to stop it balling up from the cold when using an inflator.

Muc-Off’s No Puncture Hassle sealant is biodegradable and non-corrosive.

A 140ml kit retails at £9.99 and the 1 litre refill at £29.99.

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