Mitas Highlander Tyre Review

Mitas highlander tyre

Mitas is a brand that not many riders are familiar with but they have a long history in the rubber industry going back over 100 years. They’ve been formed, merged, separated, nationalized, denationalized, merged again and now are part of CGS Holdings. History lesson over but it just shows that they have been around the block and know what it means to stand the test of time.

Bicycle tyres are not the primary driver in their business but they certainly make them well. The highlander tyres are designed for hard hitting and wearing terrain and have been growing in popularity in the like of Freeride, Enduro and Downhill.

The tread pattern is designed for mostly dry and hard-packed terrain with dense rubber and aggressive tread exposure to manage high impact sections. This includes thick, reinforced sidewalls to protect you from those nasty jagged edges.

Mitas highlander tyre

At 2.45” wide, the tyres are noticeably wider which again suits dry, rough conditions very well. Width, thicker rubber and reinforced sidewalls equals more weight. 1190g to be exact, nothing crazy but above average.

Mitas highlander tyre

On paper this should mean an impact on rolling speed but for someone like myself I couldn’t find any notable difference. But, I do agree with their positioning and found that the Highlanders did a great job in rough compacted terrain and weren’t too bad in wetter conditions either. However, when it gets muddy they don’t hold to the trail as well with a size and tread more suited to aquaplaning.

We were testing the 27.5” version of the tyre but 29” and even 26” versions are also available. Typically, they retail for around £38 which makes them a very affordable alternative to some of the more “mainstream” brands out there. If you are looking for a high impact tyre for the summer time, then the Highlanders from Mitas are a great choice that won’t cost you the earth.

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  1. Was thinking running this as a rear with a magic Mary on the front for a trip to alps? Any recommendation yes or no

    • Rough and rocky, muddy and wet these tyres do a great job. Slick surfaces with loose dirt on top and they’ll go everywhere. Guess it depends on what you’re planning to ride in the alps. I expect rocky in which case they should be great.