Miranda Bike Parts recently announced the release of their new modular crankset called the XMOD which is their words is “The world’s first truly modular bicycle crankset”.

So what is this all about and why should we really give a shit. Well the concept of any modular design is one in which you can easily swap out “modules” to adjust your product to suit your needs as and when they change.

In XMODs case we’re talking about the ability to easily change components of your crankset to suit your riding style. Cranks, disks etc. etc etc.

But its difficult to label something as modular let alone “truely modular” in the mountain biking marketplace. I mean, isn’t it already modular?

A crankset is not a single unit but comprised of various components which can be replaced at any moment to suit my riding style. So its already modular, lets get that straight.

The difference here is about the simplicity / easy of changing components/modules which I am yet to be convinced of. The video below of sells the dream but doesnt actually show me someone changing modules. So…..

My verdict, looks interesting but not convinced. And also how will these be priced compared to a regular crankset? If more expensive do I really value the ability change on the fly that much?