MET have been a pretty consistent high scorer for me, especially when I look back at my review of the Parachute. The Lupo is, in METs words, “The New Predator on the trail”, which long story short is their all-mountain trail helmet which focuses on aggressive styling, ventilation and comfort.

I can say with confidence that it ticks the boxes across all three but let’s take a closer look at each.

Met Lupo Helmet


I had some concerns over the Dualgel font pad as it has more profile than what I am used to. It is definitely noticeable when you first wear it but you get used to it pretty quickly. The Dualgel pad seemed to fulfill its role rather well by absorbing moisture from your brow, certainly better than a standard foam one. Also, the Dualgel pad is noticeably more resilient to wear and tear compared to others I’ve tried. I have found that some tend to get a bit “shitty” after a few rides. The downside of these things are that you can’t throw these into the washing machine but need to buy a replacement after a year or so.

Like the MET Parachute, the Lupo is very light which plays a big role in its comfort. The internal padding is more than enough to make it well rounded and feeling snug. Although, I am not a fan of how the padding is laid out. MET have done the same as many others which is to have small individual padding strips (2 either side of larger middle strip) rather than less larger ones. I’m sure most don’t care about this but I find that the small ones are easier to lose and as velcro contacts wear, these strips shift in the helmet easier. Now I have to say that neither of these have happened so far and certainly don’t expect the velcro to wear anytime soon.

Met Lupo Helmet

As you would expect there is the usual retention system at the back which is pretty industry standard. The straps however are made from kevlar which means they don’t stick to your face when riding….and of course are bullet proof, although I may have just made that last bit up.

Ventilation & styling

The Lupo certainly delivered on the ventilation offering plenty of airflow to keep your nut fresh. You can tell there were some clever design choices to funnel air to the back of your head where the usual crown vents don’t always cut it.  This does obviously effect the overall styling of the helmet which in honesty is not very current but still pretty good. I’m no MTB fashionista so this counts for little but, I do think that they have room to be more creative. Feedback from MET is that they may have done so in the next version, will have to wait and see.

Met Lupo Helmet


RRP is £99 in the UK and I believe $190 in the US but I tend to see them for sale between £80 and £90 online. I don’t think the pricing is too bad in comparison to other leading brands on the market.