This year must be the year of dropper seat posts. Its seems that everyone has released their own dropper and Funn are no different in that regard, although releasing a dropper is a bit of a risky move from Funn. Their history is in general components so moving to something which actually has moving parts and hence higher chance of breakage came as a surprise.

Funn gave us a sneak peek at the UpDown last year at various events but now that its available to the general population, here is what we think?

So Funn have not reinvented the wheel here but they have certainly made a good effort to improve it. They have gone with an air cartridge based design which makes maintenance pretty straight forward, it’s essentially another thing you don’t have to tinker with. Set and forget.

Funn UpDown Dropper post

Build from 7075 aluminium alloy, the UpDown is strong and pretty light. Funn specs weigh it in at 570g, on my scales it weighed in at 593g but I have the 31.6m version which likely explains the difference. Regardless, that’s not bad considering that the standard reverb is 520g (30.9mm).

Funn UpDown Dropper post

Funn have kept to their promise of keeping things simple the saddle mounting system. 1 bolt on the side to mount the saddle and a second underneath to fasten the angle. Once the saddle is attached, I found it really convenient being able to adjust the saddle angle while seated and then jumping off to tighten. Its loose enough to adjust while on the bike but no so loose that it moves out of position when you get off. It means I’m spending less time getting on and off the bike.

The trigger mechanism and cabling is also very straight forward. Using a standard gear/shifter cable and housing you feed the cable through the trigger and it connects to the top-rear of the post. Tighten any slack at the trigger and presto, you’re done.

Funn UpDown Dropper post

However, there are some disadvantages of using a cable mechanism which I unfortunately experienced on occasion with the UpDown. When the post is in the downward position the cable will obviously gather behind the post. This gathering means that at times the movement of cable within the outer/hose tightens and using the trigger to bring the post back up can be stiff. At times it was so stiff that the trigger would move out of position. That’s said, I was able to prevent this (for the most part) by playing around with the positioning of cable guides on the frame which Funn provide.

Retailing at $259 the UpDown is priced right where it should be. However, with Reverb droppers constantly on sale around the $270 mark reduced from $460 it may be a difficult pill for riders to swallow choosing the UpDown.

But that said if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the Reverb, then the UpDown should be your next port of call.


Material | AL7050 inner and outer tubes

Post Diameter | Φ30.9mm / 31.6mm

Travel | 125mm

Length | 422mm

Color | Black

Weight | Seatpost / 570g  Lever / 35g

Funn UpDown Specs


    • Nothing. In fact I think its the better design. The single through bolt clamps solid and there is not movement from the seat. But also it makes adjusting your seat very easy.

      simply undo the one bolt adjust and tighten. The dual bolt systems take some mastering to get the right tension on each bolt to get the right seat angle.