Funn have been in the game a long time and are popular in the UK and the US for their components. Pedals, bars, stems and cranks are where they are most well-known as they produce components at a reasonable price tag without compromising on quality. The Kingpin handlebars are no different.

The Kingpin bars are an evolution from their big brother the Fatboy, which is a top seller on So, what’s the difference? A long story short, evolution in material technologies means that the Kinpin handlebars are tougher and lighter than their big bro.

They are made from Supreme 7 alloy and bead blasted to give a great mirror finish. They’re available in a wide range of colour, diameter, sweep and riser options to suit pretty much any build.

We’ve been using these bars with their Hilt grips for about 2 months or so now and they have proven to take the heavy hits as well as any other bars we’ve used in the past.

Availability will be in the next week or so and will retail at £56.90 ($74.90 / €63.90) which I think is well priced. Considering that many brands can retail at double the price and typically don’t offer any more in terms of strength and weight, Funn are on point.

Light, strong, shiny and affordable….It has my thumbs up!

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