With the Black Magic pedals, Funn have taken a classic design that suits various riding disciplines and that people trust and simply made some small but meaningful changes/upgrades to it.

Funn Black Magic Pedals

The simple design and thermoplastic body put the pedals at 360g a pair which is very light even compared to products on the higher end of the price scales. Plastics are becoming more common in components as they now provide the strength and long wearing that riders want at a low price point. On that point, it’s worth noting that the thermoplastic used in making the body is created from recycled plastic bottles (PET). It is great to see that the folks at Funn are doing their part to go green where possible.

Funn Black Magic Pedals

Each side of the pedal isn’t actually flat, the front and rear of the pedal has a slight profile/curve to it on either side which gives the pins more exposure to your shoe. With this increased exposure and 8 well dispersed pins on either side, my size 11 (UK) feet were firmly planted on our test ride on on some rooty trails on the Mendips hills.

Funn Black Magic Pedals

The pedals come with the black body as standard but are available in various pin colour options which is a subtle design option which looks great.

Looking for any excuse to hit the trails with my bike or the snow with my board.