Findings from a recent multi-year study from Fizik/University of Colorado revealed that 50% of riders can’t tell the difference between saddles in blind tests. And if I’m honest, in most cases neither can I.

So what about the Scoop saddle from Fabric

The Scoop saddle is pretty comfy and provides all the support you would expect from a good saddle. Was it more comfortable than others I’ve used? Maybe a little but nothing that made me go WOW! All I can say is that after a 15 mile ride I didn’t feel like I spent a night in prison with a cell mate named Big-Benjie.

But something that definitely helps is having the right saddle design to suite your riding style. So the first tick in our box is that there are 3 profiles of the Scoop saddle available to suit you. Flat for a more aerodynamic riding position, Shallow for all-day performance and Radius for a more upright, comfort focused position.

Fabric Scoop Saddle

Fabric are a company who have stayed true to simplicity. It’s something that few actually do well which is a pity as I normally find more benefit in these products than others.

The Scoop saddle simply put is a microfiber water proof layer, lightweight foam middle and nylon base all fused together. No stitching but clearly constructed well as there was no creaking from the shell. This means you have a very simple design which looks great, is light weight, reliable and even better is easy to keep clean.

Fabric Scoop Saddle

I love that they have created this simple product but also give the customer flexibility in customizing what suits them by not only offering the 3 profiles but also a wide selection of colour variations. I think the back with blue decal worked great on my bike. The standard Scoop retails for £39.99 which is the average cost for a good saddle but if you have some extra coin they also offer a few alternative versions of the saddle with upgraded base and rail materials for those weight conscious junkies out there.

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