Admittedly I had some doubts on whether the cageless water bottle from Fabric was going to suit mountain biking. The design concept sounds good but when the going gets tough I had expectations of the bottle flying off my bike and into the bushes.

However, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. We hit some purpose built enduro trails which got pretty rough and to my shame I stacked it over one of the drops but through it all the bottle stayed fixed. The bottle stays fixed to the 2 bolts provided as the connection between them is pretty tight the small downside is sliding on and off requires a little force.

Setting up the mounts is as easy as setting up a cage, 2 bolts and done. But the benefit of the bottle is really that you don’t have the additional weight or odd shape of a cage sitting on your bottom tube.


Retailing at £9.99, it’s difficult to fault the overall quality of the bottle. Soft plastic bottle with hard plastic lid and nozzle, what else would you expect? But because it is a soft plastic, if you drop it you got to expect it to take some damage which may or may not result in it leaking. I threw my bottle from a height down the trail and kicked it along a bit for good measure. Although it showed some clear damage from impacts, it did not puncture or split.

Fabric cageless bottle range

The cageless water bottle is available for order through Evans Cycles | Fabric Bottle