Every year manufacturers, distributers and bike lovers alike converge on Friedrichshafen in Germany for the world’s biggest bike show. A panel of 6 expert judges evaluated and reviewed over 500 products from Eurobike and there were many award winners but here are our outtakes of what matters to us. Credit to Eurobike website for Jury statements an images.


Attack 20 backpack from deuter 

Jury Statement | The new carrying system is the key innovation in the Attack 20. A test showed that it really doesn’t slip because the belt around the stomach is attached high up. The backpack is also very comfortable. Read full details

Transom 16 backpack from ION

Jury Statement | Thanks to its flexible carrying system, the Transom is perfect for mountain biking. Uphill it keeps backs cool because it leaves plenty of room between backs and backpacks. Downhill it can be adjusted so that it fits snugly and isn’t irritating. Read full details

K_Lite Zip Kneepads from ION

Jury Statement | Where this knee protector’s concerned, we immediately wondered why nobody had previously thought of the idea with a zip. Because it makes it much easier to put on and take off knee protectors. It’s a tiny, but very helpful innovation. Read full details

Variotronic s glasses from uvex

Jury Statement | We were impressed by the sensor technology in these cycling glasses. The tint changes with the light so quickly, unlike any other glasses we’re aware of. Read full details


Parachute full face helmet from MET

Jury Statement | Parachute is MET’s new attempt at establishing helmets with detachable chin protection on the market. It’s one of the lightest full-face helmets that the judges have seen on the market to date. This design allows plenty of air to circulate when cycling uphill and provides extra protection when going downhill. We also think it’s very good value. Read full details


Magnetized Rear Hub from FOSS

Jury Statement | Anyone who has ever freewheeled will love this product. Instead of delicate springs, the teeth on the front of the cartridge are held in position with a magnet. As a result, all parts can be assembled quickly. There are also fewer components that could break. Read full details

SCHNELLsteckspanner QC through axel from tune

Jury Statement | This new quick release from Tune is an innovative solution that allows quick-release systems on racing bikes to be opened and tightened up again very quickly. The idea of replacing the thread on the opposite side of the quick release with a press stud is simple and clever. Read full details

M99 Lichtsystem lights from Supernova

Jury Statement | Supernova Design has come up with its M99 lighting system, a very impressive solution for the rapidly growing market of fast e-bikes. We judges liked the combination of the subtle, attractive integration of functional components specific to e-bikes, such as the integrated number plate lighting and full beam light. Read full details

V-POINT SEAT POST from Leechi Enterprises

Jury Statement | Many bikers have long wished for a solution that allows easy assembly of the saddle. The clever design of this saddle attachment responds to this very wish. A by-product of this design is that the tilt of the saddle is comparatively easy to adjust. Read full details


Turbo Levo FSR ebike from Specialized

Jury Statement | This bike is sensational. This young product segment will also attract mountain bikers who previously got along fine without e-power. The way the Brose drive system has been integrated is ingenious. Read full details

Mountain Bikes


Jury Statement | With the ICB2.0, Alutech Cycles has opted for crowd intelligence. You could say it’s a mountain bike with a social twist. The frame was designed by more than 2,000 mountain-bike customers. In our opinion the idea of including consumers in this way is worth an award. Read full details

Belter 20 Trail 3S from Early Rider

Jury Statement | There aren’t many children’s bikes that look like adults’ mountain bikes. But the Belter is one of them. It’s good value because all key components like brake levers with shorter grips, short chainsets and gear levers are tailored to children. It even has high-quality tyres, which in this product segment tends to be the exception. Read full details

Linkin Trail Race Day from Bold Cycles

Jury Statement | At first glance this mountain bike doesn’t look like it’s got full suspension. The rear suspension is inside the frame. We like it because it looks better and because no dirt can get into the shock absorbers. Read full details

Maiden Unlimited from Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Jury Statement | If you ask Rocky Mountain whether 26 or 27.5 inches are the right sizes in the gravity segment it will ingeniously say “both”. The new equalized system allows bikers to choose between the two mountain bike formats. Read full details