The Art of Adventure | Chapter 3

Joey Schusler’s Time to Reflect

Adventures are often glorified as wild missions to exotic places, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

The Colorado River and its surrounding terrain is a natural wonder not far from Joey’s house and the perfect place to escape on a solo, multi-day bike rafting trip.

There’s no better way to step back from the whirlwind of daily life than by sleeping under the stars. Continue the story with Joey’s profile “The Chairman” from Issue 8.4 for free!


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About the Series: With roots in Boulder, CO, the mountains have been a formative force in Joey Schusler’s life. However, after nearly a decade of racing—climbing the ranks from local races to the UCI World Cup—his focus began to shift toward filmmaking, seeing how far his bike could take him, not just how fast he could go. In the years since, he’s traveled the world with his camera, bike and best friends, exploring rugged and remote areas, telling the stories of places and their people. For Joey, adventuring is not only a lifestyle, but an art form. — Subscribe to Freehub Magazine: